If any of you like manga-styled comics, you might want to give this a look; the artwork’s quite tasty. The flash-based navigation is a bit unwieldy (I would’ve preferred a traditional “first/previous/next/last” nav bar), but I really like the storyboard feature.

For those of you who like manga-styled comics and speak Japanese (unlike me), check this out. It’s also flash-based, but in this case it actually adds something to the comic.

And finally, if you’re just looking for something mildly disturbing, here you go.

Comic for 08-01-03

One day, I’ll come up with a way to make the comic post itself automatically, leaving me free to go to bed before midnight. Not that I’m an old fogey or anything…it’d just be something nice to do every now and then.

If Terry Gilliam were to make a Shockwave game, I imagine it would be something like this.

More Shockwave game goodies today, loaded with super-mega-Japanese flava. My favorite is the one where you balance the cat on the seesaw; with practice, you can really launch those cats into the wall, leaving little dents behind.

Comic for 08-04-03

The best part of waking up is a new comic in your cup.

Did you know that newspaper cartoonists (it’s funny to think that, these days, the distinction has to be made) aren’t allowed to use the word “sucks” in their comics? In fact, they’re not even allowed to even hint at using it, or else that day’s strip runs the risk of getting pulled (after clicking that link, you’ll have to scroll down a few paragraphs to get to the relevant stuff).

Maybe print comics are for old biddies after all.

Comic for 08-06-03

I got yer comic right ‘ere.

Comic for 08-08-03

Thanks to Cartoon Network showing FLCL at midnight, I don’t mind waiting up to post the comic so much anymore.

Itchy and Scratchy” ain’t got nothin’ on these critters.

For the sensitive souls among us, the cartoons at that link are pretty gruesome (as gruesome as cutesy cartoons can be, at least). So…you know…consider yourself warned and stuff.

My sympathies to any readers in London, where they’ve just had their hottest day.


Comic for 08-11-03

A comic a day keeps the ennui at bay.

I’ve added a “blogroll” to the links section; basically, it’s just a list of links (usually links to blogs, hence the name), stored on a central server and available in a number of formats. They’re pretty popular these days, mainly because they’re easy to update and share.

I don’t have many blogs in my blogroll just yet, but I’m sure I’ll be adding more over time (feel free to offer suggestions).

Comic for 08-13-03

Comic? What comic?

Oh…this comic.

Contrary to what all the news people are saying, this isn’t the first time the northeast has suffered a blackout like this. It looks like people are reacting the same way this time around, which is good; I just hope the heat doesn’t cause something ugly to happen.

As far as possible causes go, the “sunspots-did-it” and “it’s-just-too-damn-hot” theories are pretty interesting. Personally, I’m hoping it’s the aliens making a return visit.

Comic for 08-15-03

Rest assured, I do my best to keep the comic fair and balanced.

If you’re looking for a way to relieve a week’s worth of stress, might I suggest the Duck vs. Rabbit marathon on the Cartoon Network?

The neat thing about this blogrolling thing is that whenever I come across a nifty website, I can just click a button in my browser and it’s automagically added to the links section of the site. Wicked.

Incidentally, that’s a roundabout way of telling you that I’ve added a few sites to the blogroll.

Comic for 08-18-03

Would you like to partake of my comic goodness?

A few days ago, I decided to place a text ad over at wilwheaton.net, but changed my mind at the last minute in a fit of self-doubt and aborted the ad. Or, at least, I thought I did.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email today telling me that my ad had been approved and put into rotation; I only wish I had been drinking something at the time so I could have done a proper spit-take. I fired up the browser and saw that, yes indeed, my ad was up. I eventually composed myself and resolved not to obsess over it…then began refreshing nigh-compulsively the web page tracking my ad’s stats.

Anyhow, to bring this post to a mercifully-quick conclusion, I think there might be a few new readers as the result of the text ad (hi, new people!) and I consider it ten dollars well spent. I just hope that, next time, I’m aware of spending the money in the first place.

Comic for 08-20-03

It may not always seem like it, but every time I do a comic I try to do something new (to me) or work on something that, well, I need to work on.

How’s this for a bummer?

Comic for 08-22-03

Today’s comic was a bit rushed, I’m afraid, thanks to a bout of cartoonist’s block that didn’t resolve itself until the eleventh hour. That said, I’m somewhat fond of today’s strip because I got to use the charmingly cheesy “sweat drops” technique in the last panel.

I think “Dead Like Me” is my favorite show on t.v. these days (“The West Wing” being a close second), and not just because I have a lil’ crush on Ellen Muth (rowr!). You guys should go check it out.

No, seriously. Go watch it.


It’s inane sites like these that remind me why I love the internet.

The web savvy among you might be aware that Google has, in addition to its search features, a calculator function. But did you know that the calculator isn’t limited to simple arithmetic, but can tackle metaphysical equations as well?

I hate to do this, but tomorrow’s strip is going to be a little late (and I was doing so well with the midnight updating, too). I’m draggin’ right now, and it’s not having a very beneficial effect on the comic. I’m going to get some rest and get back to work on it when I’m feeling a bit more refreshed.

Thanks for your patience.

Comic for 08-25-03

Having to get up early to finish the comic, like in the olden days, brings back the memories.

If you’re looking for some truly purdy pictures, you should go check out the Pants Press Sketchblog. Whenever I’m feeling particularly proud about a comic I’ve done, I head over there to get appropriately humbled.

It builds character.

Comic for 08-27-03

Sorry for today’s comic being somewhat rushed again, but I wanted to make sure I got back on the midnight posting schedule. Friday’s should be a little more polished.

How does your webcomic reading list compare to this fellah’s? There’s bound to be something new there that you’ll enjoy.

At least he has an excuse for reading all those comics, since he’s one of the folks working hard behind-the-scenes at Comixpedia.

Comic for 08-29-03

After you check out today’s comic, you should go take a gander at Skinny Panda.

I have a weakness for fun and funky fonts, so when I come across a site like Fontalicious it takes a great deal of restraint to refrain from going on a mad downloading spree. There are plenty of fonts there I’d like to take for a spin; you may even see a few make a cameo in the comic in the not-too-distant future.

One mustn’t go overboard in indulging in fontly goodness, though. However tempting it may be.