These games give me the warm fuzzies.

Comic for 10-01-03

One of these days, I’ll have to show you what some of the comics look like without all the word bubbles.

Ever wonder what would happen if a print cartoonist put out a webcomic?

I only wish I’d known about this sooner.

Comic for 10-03-03

It’s nice when something turns out to be easier than originally thought, as was the case with the composition book in today’s comic.

This link would have been much more timely a few weeks ago (incidentally, this one is my favorite).

If you enjoy “Calvin and Hobbes,” then you’ll probably dig “The Norm.”

Comic for 10-06-03

At least I’m not the only one staying up into the wee hours to work on a comic.

Because I’m quite tired, I’ve decided to go to bed (hard to argue with logic like that, hmm?). This means that tomorrow’s comic is going to be a few hours late. Not to worry, though…given current events, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding other sources of humor to keep you entertained until the comic’s finished.

Comic for 10-08-03

Rise and shine, little comic.

This is the neatest idea for a blog I’ve seen yet.

Comic for 10-10-03

Come on over to Crazy Ben’s Comic Emporium! Our prices are so low, we must be insane!

I promised to add a link button for the experimental RSS feed to the sidebar some time ago, and now I finally have.

If you don’t already listen to KCRW, maybe you should.

Comic for 10-13-03

Four out of five doctors recommend reading today’s comic.

Well, no…they don’t, actually. But maybe they should.

Any site that tries to teach kids how to count in binary and build shockwave cannons is all right by me.

Comic for 10-15-03

There were a few factors that contributed to the lateness of today’s comic, one of which being a new and bizarre compulsion to watch t.v. shows about people starting up restaurants.

If you’re not getting enough cuteness in your diet, you might want to check out “What I Learned Today.”

Comic for 10-17-03

Every so often, I feel like doing the comic a little differently for a change.

Well, you’re in your little room
And you’re working on something good
But if it’s really good
You’re gonna need a bigger room…

Tomorrow’s comic is going to be a little late; today was one of those “do-a-lot-and-get-little-done” days.

Comic for 10-20-03

Today’s comic brings us to the one-hundredth-strip milestone!

We’ve come a long way, baby.

This is my newest guilty webcomic pleasure.

If ever I had a manly image, I’m sure it’s ruined now.

Comic for 10-22-03

If you’re happy and you know it, read a comic.

…for spooky webcomics.

Comic for 10-24-03

Today’s comic was inspected by No. 9.

I’m sure some of you haven’t heard of [url=]Ozy & Millie[/url] yet.

As if living in California wasn’t surreal enough of late, now everything’s turned orange.

It’s because of the fires. The smoke’s drifting all the way to the ocean, which has caused a sort of perpetual twilight to settle over the land. My internal clock’s all messed up now, what with the end of daylight savings time and the fact that, if one were to judge by the sky, it’s been 5 p.m. all day long. And don’t get me started on the ash.

Between all that and the matinee showing of “Kill Bill” I went to, I am now in a very peculiar state of mind.

Comic for 10-27-03

Not that this has anything to do with the comic, but my sinuses are now full of grey gunk, thanks to all the smoke in the air.

Admittedly, my own plight is pretty insignificant in light of what other folks are dealing with; but still, I’m going through tissue like a fiend.

Apparently, mere terrestrial flames weren’t bad enough.

At least if tomorrow’s comic is late, I can say the sun ate it.

Comic for 10-29-03

The sun ate it.

I wonder how long it’ll take for someone to use this for a webcomic.

Comic for 10-31-03

I’m sorry today’s comic is so late; I was having fun with it.