This gal sure can make some purdy artwork. Be sure to check out her webcomic.

Thought for the day: you never really know a city until you take a good long walk through it.

As you’ve no doubt noticed (being the observant sort I’m sure you are), today’s comic is, once again, running late. Have no fear, it’ll be up at some point today; I’m putting it off a little so I can spend some extra time planning ahead for the next few strips, in hopes of getting off this tardiness kick.

Because, if John Allison can find time to create a second comic, surely I can come up with a way to be timely with my one-and-only.

Comic for 11-03-03

Now presenting…the comic so late, it’s almost early.

Whatever artsy fix you might be craving, this site can probably help you out.

Comic for 11-05-03

I’m not quite back on the normal comic-posting schedule yet, but I’m getting there.

Well now, this looks promising.

Comic for 11-07-03

Sometimes my comic-making muse likes to play hide-and-seek.

Just foolin’ around.

I wish I had an exciting link or something to share today, but alas, it is not meant to be.

Instead, here are some freakish rabbits.

Comic for 11-10-03

Sometimes the reason the comic runs late is because I decide, at the last minute, to try something new, art-wise.

There’s material for a webcomic here, I tell ya.

Comic for 11-12-03

The war against tardiness rages on. It’s more of a guerilla war, actually; picture me skulking through alleys with a beret and a pistol and you’ll get the idea.

Anyhow, the comic is up.

Due to a minor emergency (if such a thing exists), tomorrow’s comic is likely going to be late…which you’ve probably come to expect by now. But, at least this time there’s early warning.

Comic for 11-14-03

Thank God it’s Friday(‘s comic).

Jeffrey Rowland of Wigu fame is, as I write, laboring away on a 24-hour comic dealie, and I thought you might like to watch his progress. Also, there’s another 24-hour comic that somebody started after learning of what Mr. Rowland was up to, and I thought it was nifty.

Well now, isn’t this a neat little idea?

Comic for 11-17-03

It’s still Monday in some parts of the world (where I am, for example).

I had a different comic in mind for today, but I decided midway through to abort and do this one instead. So, that’s why it’s late. On the bright side, I’ve got a head start on Wednesday’s comic, which just might be on time.

This comic gets bonus points because it rhymes with “tweep.”

Not that it needs them.

Comic for 11-19-03

The comic has been particularly apropos of late. Well, for me at least. After Monday’s strip went up, I discovered this comic; go back a couple strips on the archive and you’ll find a strip with a familiar theme. And not long before wrapping up today’s comic, I find this site through Comixpedia.


Why we devote so much media coverage to creepy famous people is beyond me.

Humanity’s got issues.

Comic for 11-21-03

Well, wouldn’t you know it? There’s a new comic up,

Maybe this is what the webcomic of the future will look like.

According to his bio, the guy responsible for these comics is also one of the animators working on the next Shrek movie. Neat!

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad to see Opus again.

Comic for 11-24-03

If the presence of baked goods seems to be a recurring theme in the comic, I assure you it’s unintentional.


The Penny Arcade folks are using the power of their mighty readership to do a little good this holiday season; they’ve started a “Child’s Play” program to gather donations of toys and games for the Seattle Children’s Hospital. If you’d like to help, see their home page for more details.

Comic for 11-26-03

I don’t know why today’s comic took as long as it did.

Hand Turkey!

Gobble gobble!

Comic for 11-28-03

Have a hearty helping of today’s comic, won’t you?

I don’t know about you, but this sorta gives me the creeps.