Comic for 09-29-04

After you check out today’s comic, head on over to Wigu and read a different sort of mystery storyline.


Comic for 09-27-04

I need a drink.

Bad kitty.


Comic for 09-24-04

Have you hugged your rabbit today?

I’m getting a definite Fooly Cooly vibe from this webcomic.

Comic for 09-22-04

Enter Charlie.

Methinks a lot of work went into this.

Someday, I’d like to do some comic versions of some of those rhymes.

Comic for 09-20-04

Arr, here be yer co…I mean, here’s the comic.

Arr, matey! Find yer pirate monicker, then answer me these riddles…uh…ten.

Are you ready?

Comic for 09-17-04

If you haven’t seen the movie, today’s comic might not make much sense. Just roll with it.

Or watch the movie! It’s good!

I’m referring to Teddy and Anna, of course.

Comic for 09-15-04

It’s nice not having to come up with (supposedly) clever titles for these comics.

This could be interesting.

Comic for 09-13-04

Special thanks to the Internet Archive for helping to make today’s comic possible.

Also, I can’t believe it’s only been nine parts. I’ll be a wreck by the end of this thing.

Cartoon Network should send a fruit basket or something to the person behind this.

Comic for 09-10-04

Man, and I thought this comic was going to be an easy one.

Need more frustration in your life? Look here.

Comic for 09-08-04

Here’s a larger version of the photo in today’s comic, if you’re interested.

Yeah, you have to pay a little to go through all of this webcomic’s archives, but it sure looks like a bargain.

Comic for 09-06-04

I celebrated Labor Day by laboring on this comic for you.

Like autumnal woods,
this Haiku 5-7-5:
Shades of brown and grey.

I’ve linked to one of these comics before, I believe, but this is the first time I’ve seen the others. Good stuff!

Comic for 09-03-04

Catch this colorful comic, comrade.

This webcomic’s got more red and black in it than a checkerboard.

(Sorry, I’m still in simile mode.)

Comic for 09-01-04

I think I sprained my simile-making muscle.

You are entering another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight…a dimension of damn, dirty apes!