Happy Halloween!

Comic for 11-01-04

Just pretend that there was a snazzy fade transition between last Friday’s comic and today’s.

As a special thank you to the people who’ve been taking the time to vote for “Tweep” on buzzComix for no other reason than to show their support, I’m going to start putting up a dialogue-free version of the latest strip as a voting reward. Now you can see what’s behind all those word bubbles.

If you’ve already voted today, you can still see the reward by voting again. The second vote won’t count, but it will take you to the page with the bonus image.

Oh yeah, do the other sort of voting today, too (I’m already sporting a snazzy “I Voted” sticker). Apart from all the civic duty stuff, you can win prizes!

Comic for 11-03-04

For comics like today’s, there’ll naturally be a slightly-different vote reward.

I’m not sure how best to explain the story behind these two images without having to do a lot of typing, so I’ll just direct you here and here and you’ll can figure it out from there.

“>Sequential Tart picture

“>Dumbrella picture

(You can click on each image to go to the website that they’re based on.)

Comic for 11-05-04

The saga continues.

If Charlie Brown grew up to be a cartoonist, he might produce something like this nifty journal comic.

…it’ll last longer.

Comic for 11-08-04

The voting reward for today’s comic could use a little color, if you’re feeling creative.

I think that between this and this, today was humanity’s least productive day ever.

Comic for 11-10-04

Now I have to blow my nose.

…are hard to find.

Comic for 11-12-04

If today’s comic were any more noir, it’d just be a black rectangle.

I have no idea what’s going on here, but I think it’s pretty awesome. It’s like someone took “Steamboat Willie” and stuffed it full of anime goodness.

How could I help but enjoy this webcomic?

Comic for 11-15-04

Pow! Biff!

Another neat music video, featuring a song from this storied album.

Comic for 11-17-04

The cartooning muse decided to play hide-and-seek as I was working on today’s comic.

This makes me feel like I’m in some super secret spy agency.

It uses this technology to handle all the zoominess. I bet those infinite canvas folks might be able to make something neat with it.

Comic for 11-19-04

Today was another one of those “drawing and redrawing the comic” days.

Watch out for Steve.

There are all sorts of nifty little diversions here.

Comic for 11-22-04

Hooray for cartoon violence!

…is a pretty good name for a café.

Comic for 11-24-04

We’re up to roman numerals I’ve never even used before.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Comic for 11-26-04

I was still feeling pretty tryptophantastic while I was working on today’s comic.

It is not.

I’m a little awed at how well black and white is used in this comic.

Comic for 11-29-04

Sorry if today’s comic is a little lackluster. It’s been a long day.