Comic for 12-31-04

Here’s the last comic of 2004! Happy New Year!

I’m sure there’s a story here, but I’m just diggin’ the art.

Just the thought of a 72-hour comic makes me want to curl up into a ball, but this fella did it.

Comic for 01-03-05

Just looking at the third panel of today’s comic makes my nose itch.

‘Tis a sad day in cartooning-land.

Comic for 01-05-05

Quite the sleepy comic maker am I.

Someone has smooshed together 40 (or so) Beatles tunes into one song. The results are…well, not bad.

Today’s comic is about two-thirds done, but that last third’s giving me some trouble (I’m having a little difficulty translating the pictures in my head into pixels tonight). So, I’m gonna get some sleep and finish the comic tomorrow morning.

Comic for 01-07-05

So, uh, finishing the comic took a little longer than expected.

It’s taking every bit of willpower I can muster to link to Strip Fight without making a reference to you-know-what.

Looks like it’s gonna be another exceptionally-late comic. Sorry, they just seem to be taking much longer than expected these days.

Comic for 01-10-05

I’m not entirely happy with how the new comic turned out (I might still tweak it a little), but at least it moves things along.

Comic for 01-12-05

“Rabbits With Pistols”
good name for a band, perhaps?
new comic is up

It’s all about the mushroom pickers, baby.

Comic for 01-14-05

I was in a bit of a drawing slump for the past few comics, but today’s went pretty smoothly.

(Text-free version here.)

This interview isn’t too exciting, but the “how-to” pictures are definitely worth a gander.

Since the internet’s been pretty dull today, here’s a random doodle:

random doodle

Just fooling around with different styles. I think I’ll flesh this one out someday, though.

Comic for 01-17-05

Sometimes I draw the comic before actually figuring out exactly what the dialogue will be. Usually, this means I end up having to be creative in my word bubble placement.

If you put minicomics on the web, are they miniwebcomics?

Comic for 01-19-05

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
What’s this I see?
A new comic for you!

Someone set us up the MOAB.

Comic for 01-21-05

Today’s comic has taught me that it’s probably for the best that I didn’t go into urban planning.

Goodbye, cruel world.

BifSniff’s a pretty silly name for…uh, I mean…look at this swell webcomic!

Comic for 01-24-05

I do enjoy writing surly.

(Text-free version here).

Digital Strips” is a blog about…well, you know.

Comic for 01-26-05

I can’t tell you how many pictures of old cars I’ve been poring over for the recent comics (although, it might not look like it).

Don’t be a juice prude.

Comic for 01-28-05

For those of you keeping track at home, this is the 300th comic.

a random doodle

(Background courtesy of Citrus Moon)

Some treacherous virus has turned mine own stomach against me, so I haven’t spent much time looking for something to post about. Sorry!

(P.S. – I’m starting to feel better.)