Comic for 02-28-05

I was originally gonna title today’s comic: “Boys Rule, Girls Drool,” but I decided against it.

Don’t be a grouchy mushroom.

Comic for 03-02-05

Well, naturally.

Today marks the comic’s two-year anniversary! Hurrah!

Comic for 03-04-05

You know, today’s comic might make for a pretty snazzy bookmark.

Everyone could use a little more Coltrane in their lives.

Oh, you can bet I’ll be coloring in that alphabet book.

Comic for 03-07-05

The comic is up, the hour is late, and I am out.


Comic for 03-09-05

Rummage rummage.

I can understand, dear reader, if you are a little squeamish about the downloading of leaked albums. This one is too good to miss, however, and nobody knows if or when it’ll ever be released.

Comic for 03-11-05

You know, the second panel of today’s comic isn’t all that fancy, but for some reason, I really like how it turned out.

This will no doubt change the more I look at it, I’m sure.

I would hate to be in the group that had to present their student film after this one played.

This isn’t the sort of thing I usually post (or read, for that matter), but I thought it was pretty interesting.

The comic is coming along (after a rough start), but I’m beat, and unable to finish it tonight. I should have it up sometime early tomorrow.

Comic for 03-14-05

I, uh, have a tendency to underestimate. Anyhow, the comic is up.

Comic for 03-16-05

If you read a lot of webcomics, the street names in today’s comic might seem familiar to you.

This is probably the best action-y sci-fi webcomic I’ve seen, yet.

Watch out for those Boojums.

Now this is my kind of comics journalism.

Comic for 03-21-05

I don’t know about you, but I’d go see it.

If you’ve ever, uh, longed to read comics made by folks living in Kansas City, this weblog’s for you.

Comic for 03-23-05

Try the special.

Remember that cute “rabbit loves cat” cartoon from awhile back? There’s a new one!

Just so you know, I’ve heard some of the ads on that site are NSFW. I haven’t run into any myself, but if you want to play it safe, you can go to this site and hunt for “Cake Dance” in Amalloc’s section (they’d rather not have people linking directly to the file, hence the vague directions).

Comic for 03-25-05


It’s embarrassing how much time I’ve spent on this.

Happy Easter!

I’m running behind on the comic because I’m just flat-out beat. Should be finished early tomorrow. Sorry!

Comic for 03-28-05

…and here it is.

Comic for 03-30-05