Every so often, I link to articles like this in hopes of classing the joint up a little.

Comic for 04-01-05

The funny thing is, in terms of file size, today’s comic is twice as large as usual.

I sure hope some new pages come soon.

Comic for 04-04-05

Okay, for this one, you might need a little refresher.


Comic for 04-06-05


Yay, Gorillaz! (Real Player version here).

Comic for 04-08-05

Crunchy Wheat, Crunchy Wheat / fun to chew and good to eat!”

There are all sorts of nifty comics here (although, if you’re easily offended, you might want to skip some). This one’s my favorite.

There’s bound to be something here you’ll enjoy.

Comic for 04-11-05

“Pyramus and Thisbe” it ain’t.

I think I enjoyed this more than I did “Ice Age.”

Comic for 04-13-05

The news post for this comic comes from nearly a week in the future, since I forgot to write something the first time around.

I needed an adjective for this movie that combined “creepy” and “sweet”, so I just made one up. Nyah. You’ll need some sort of BitTorrent-tastic program to use the link above; if you don’t have such a program, you can use this link as a last resort (conserve bandwidth!).

Comic for 04-15-05

I believe that this is the 333rd comic, which is…well, pretty neat.

It’s hard to believe that the fellow who writes “Sally Forth” also makes this, but apparently so.

The archive navigation for this one is a little unorthodox: click on the arrows beneath the blog messages.

Comic for 04-18-05

It’s been awhile since I’ve had this much dialogue in a comic.

The sound effects alone have made me a fan.

Comic for 04-20-05

Someday, I won’t have to keep referring to a mirror when drawing a mirror shot.

I really dig webcomics that do interesting things with the medium, like these.

I also like using the word “dig” to express approval.

Comic for 04-22-05

It’s a philosophy that I could use, at least.

While we wait to see whether Jeffrey Rowland survives the day, check out what’s going on during “24-hour Comic Day”.

Here’s a gem from yesterday’s 24-hour comicalooza.

It’s been a pretty crazy day and it doesn’t look like the comic’ll be finished until tomorrow, I’m afraid.

Comic for 04-25-05

Some days, I could really use a larger canvas. Or a smaller font size.

Comic for 04-27-05

..aaaaaand they’re still walking down the same street.

Ak! Ak!

Comic for 04-29-05

Seriously, reading “Tom Thumb” could scar a kid.