Comic for 09-30-05

Here’s hoping yours is a little more eventful.

So, this guy walks into a bar

Comic for 10-03-05

There’s a swell band name in that third panel.

The comics here range from the bleak to the sweet to the flat-out odd.

Comic for 10-05-05

Today’s comic comes with the last-minute addition of a hastily-drawn bonus illustration.

Enjoy these two nifty finds from the Flight forums.

Hey, gang. I’m a little under the weather and not having a whole lotta luck focusing on the comic. I’m gonna keep at it for awhile, but there’s a good chance it won’t be ready until tomorrow.

Comic for 10-07-05

Drawing people from behind does not come easily to this cartoonist. Naturally, the solution is to stare at people’s backs until something clicks. Or until they threaten bodily harm.

Practice helps, too, I suppose.

In other news, congrats to Ryan Estrada on making it into Flight and Girlamatic. To think that he came from such humble beginnings!

Comic for 10-10-05

As it turns out, drawing a bunch of random junk is oddly relaxing.

Ah, Paree.

Comic for 10-12-05

Every now and then, a fella needs to take a break from drawing people talking, is all.

Utterly astounding!

Comic for 10-14-05

Sorry about the delay in comic posting. My computer crashed, taking my pixels to the aether and the wind from my sails.

I’m guessing this has something to do with this.

Comic for 10-17-05

I don’t usually stick other people’s art/photos/etc. into the comic, ’cause that seems, well, lazy. The one exception is the ever-changing poster in Kate’s room, which I sometimes use to highlight a new band or album that I’ve grown enamored with.

You think it’d be easier to find webcomics that fit the season, but this is the first I’ve found so far.

Comic for 10-19-05

Directions: Apply comic to eyeballs.

It’s the rare webcomic that has its own theme song.

Comic for 10-21-05

I have a hunch that this might be true for all sorts of things.

Seeing as how this is more of a comic-on-the-web than a webcomic, I guess I can understand (if not forgive) the lack of navigation buttons. But, you’d think the Guardian could, at least, figure out how to put things in numerical order.

Comic for 10-24-05

All I can say is, I was in a rather odd state of mind today

As Halloween anthems go, I prefer “Grim Grinning Ghosts”. Still, I guess this ain’t bad.

Comic for 10-26-05

Seeing as we have butterfly kisses, maybe we should come up with something for moth kisses.

There have been a lot of webcartoonist collectives formed lately, but I think this one’s the best I’ve seen yet.

Comic for 10-28-05

Comic is up. I go sleep now.

If these guys can actually deliver on the promise of new cartoons every week, I think they’ve got a winner.