Comic for 11-30-05

I couldn’t resist.

Here are two webcomics, both educational in their own way.

Comic for 12-02-05

Sorry that the comic took so long; got a little hung-up on something.

I think it’s best if I let someone else explain this webcomic.

Comic for 12-05-05

Some days, a dude has a little trouble with the drawing of hands. At such times, one does one’s best to persevere.

Comic for 12-07-05

Some questions are best left to the philosophers. But this probably isn’t one of them.

Man, I hope this webcomic keeps updating.

Comic for 12-09-05

New comic at last! Monday’s should be up at a reasonable time.

Comic for 12-12-05

… and we’re back at the table.

Comic for 12-14-05

Do robot ensigns dream of electric ships?

Comic for 12-16-05

Then again, don’t we all?

Some days, I love the internet.

This bit of animation is a little odd and twisted, which may be why I like it.

Comic for 12-19-05

Every so often, I get in a certain mood and comics like today’s happen.

Comic for 12-21-05

Just so you know, the next few strips (up until the new year, is what I’m thinking) will likely be similar to today’s. Consider yourself warned.

Here’s another webcomic that falls in the not-many-strips-posted-but-it-looks-promising category; it’s got a Perry Bible Fellowship vibe going.

(P.S. – The toaster one’s my favorite.)

Comic for 12-23-05

It was either this, or Vixen Squad.

Here are some cute holiday comics from the talented Dave Roman.

Comic for 12-26-05

I wonder, does this count as a cameo?

Comic for 12-28-05

They’re really surprisingly fun to draw.