Comic for 12-28-05

They’re really surprisingly fun to draw.

Comic for 12-26-05

I wonder, does this count as a cameo?

Here are some cute holiday comics from the talented Dave Roman.

Comic for 12-23-05

It was either this, or Vixen Squad.

Here’s another webcomic that falls in the not-many-strips-posted-but-it-looks-promising category; it’s got a Perry Bible Fellowship vibe going.

(P.S. - The toaster one’s my favorite.)

Comic for 12-21-05

Just so you know, the next few strips (up until the new year, is what I’m thinking) will likely be similar to today’s. Consider yourself warned.

Comic for 12-19-05

Every so often, I get in a certain mood and comics like today’s happen.

This bit of animation is a little odd and twisted, which may be why I like it.

Some days, I love the internet.

Comic for 12-16-05

Then again, don’t we all?

Comic for 12-14-05

Do robot ensigns dream of electric ships?

Comic for 12-12-05

… and we’re back at the table.

Comic for 12-09-05

New comic at last! Monday’s should be up at a reasonable time.

Man, I hope this webcomic keeps updating.

Comic for 12-07-05

Some questions are best left to the philosophers. But this probably isn’t one of them.

Comic for 12-05-05

Some days, a dude has a little trouble with the drawing of hands. At such times, one does one’s best to persevere.

I think it’s best if I let someone else explain this webcomic.

Comic for 12-02-05

Sorry that the comic took so long; got a little hung-up on something.

Here are two webcomics, both educational in their own way.

Comic for 11-30-05

I couldn’t resist.