Comic for 01-30-06

It’s more fun than recycling, at least.

Comic for 02-01-06

What goes up, must come down.

Comic for 02-03-06

Friday’s comic is up. Sorry about the delay, I’ve been a little under the weather.

Comic for 02-06-06

I don’t know why it has that color scheme, it just made sense.

Comic for 02-08-06

People always say, “If you don’t know, ask“, but I think that just takes all the fun out.

Comic for 02-10-06

Fun fact of the day: when the tomato came to Europe, the Italians called it “pomo d’oro,” or “golden apple.” The French misheard the term as “pomo d’amore”, or “love apple”, and started referring to them as such. So, if you’re scrambling for a last minute Valentine’s present, try a tomato.

Comic for 02-13-06

I’ll give you a comic that you’ll endorse.

Comic for 02-15-06

Can you hear me now?

Comic for 02-17-06

Personally, I wouldn’t rule out either.

Comic for 02-20-06

Of course, ever-present risk of being eaten by birds aside, it might not be such a bad life.

Comic for 02-22-06

Sorry… that one took me a little longer than expected.

Comic for 02-24-06

You know, that stuff will keep for years.