Comic for 04-28-06

Don’t worry, she’ll pick up that box when she’s done.

Comic for 05-01-06

Sorry, hit a creative speedbump of sorts. Comic’s up.

Comic for 05-03-06

Mine’s not so good, either.

Comic for 05-05-06

Phew! There was a lot of drawing involved in the making of today’s comic.

Comic for 05-08-06

If you want to see a slightly larger version of the image in the third panel of today’s comic, here you go.

Comic for 05-10-06

Cats are just weird, sometimes.

Comic for 05-12-06

Today’s comic is brought to you by the letters “L” and “J”.

Comic for 05-15-06

Another drawing-intensive comic, today. I hear they build character.

Comic for 05-17-06

Well, it’s the first thing I think of, when I think of Spain.

Comic for 05-19-06

I can’t speak for you guys, but I’ve grown fond of the cat.

Comic for 05-22-06

Everyone needs a place to call their own.

Comic for 05-24-06

She’s awfully good about making up her bed.

Comic for 05-26-06

Everyone’s got family.