Comic for 08-30-06

Although, maybe more of us would have better ways to spend our time.

Comic for 09-01-06

Now that’s determination.

Comic for 09-04-06

Knock knock knock.

Comic for 09-06-06

No contest, really.

Comic for 09-08-06

Ugh, sorry about the extra late comic. I’m having some slight creative difficulties (translation: trouble drawin’ stuff).

Comic for 09-11-06

Admittedly, it’s a mouthful, but it has panache!

Comic for 09-13-06

Spoonfuls of sugar will give you cavities, anyhow.

Comic for 09-15-06

Arr, mateys. I must’ve redrawn each panel in today’s comic at least three times. I’ve a touch of illness, and I be thinkin’ it’s left me all adrift.

Comic for 09-18-06

My sinuses agreed to a temporary end to hostilities, long enough for me to finally complete a comic. Sporadic conflicts still occur – the peace is a fragile one.

Comic for 09-20-06

So, drawing a family of seven while nursing a head cold proved more challenging than anticipated…

Comic for 09-22-06

… and with that, it’s about time to check in on the other storyline.

Comic for 09-25-06

Only one comes with a warranty.