Comic for 11-29-06

This may be the first and last instance of me drawing anyone throwing der hornen.

Comic for 12-01-06

More lyrics in this one. Proceed with caution.

Comic for 12-04-06

Anything can be pleasant, with the right company.

Comic for 12-06-06

New comic!

So, I’m on this new ComicSpace thing… it’s like MySpace, but for comic-makin’ (and -lovin’) folks. I’m not entirely clear on what the point of the whole thing is, but I’ve found some nifty new (to me) cartoonists through it, so I guess that’s something.

Comic for 12-08-06

She probably has a point.

Comic for 12-11-06

Hither ye comic.

Comic for 12-13-06

She’s something of a pragmatist.

Comic for 12-15-06

How did that phrase even come about, anyhow?

Comic for 12-18-06

Sometimes, I wish I used a larger format. Or a smaller font.

Comic for 12-20-06

That was another fun one to draw.

Comic for 12-22-06

… or maybe it’s the answers that are scary, I dunno.

Comic for 12-25-06

So, that’s the little mini-story. Hope you didn’t mind too much. It was plenty fun to draw, and I picked up some new techniques along the way.

Comic for 12-27-06

The goal in “Frog on a Log” is to eat the tasty bugs and avoid the non-tasty ones. Which sums up the life of a real frog pretty well, I guess.