Comic for 12-29-06

This story will either be a lot of fun or a total disaster. So, basically, business as usual.

Sorry the comic’s so late, incidentally, but I had a wedding to attend. And let me tell you, attending a wedding so close to New Year’s is a recipe for dangerous levels of self-examination. Oh, maaan. But, congrats to the bride and her groom, should they be reading.

And finally, it just so happens that the last comic of the year is also #600. How’s that for timing?

Comic for 01-01-07

People can be full of surprises.

Comic for 01-03-07

Really, as beverages go, it’s not that bad.

Comic for 01-05-07

I seen it happen, man. It ain’t pretty.

Comic for 01-08-07

She just calls ’em as she sees ’em.

Comic for 01-10-07

Siblings will be siblings.

Comic for 01-12-07

Whatever his misdoing, it must’ve been pretty heinous.

Comic for 01-15-07

The grass is always greener on some other thighs.

Comic for 01-17-07

Forget about what everyone else is doing. Start your own fad.

Comic for 01-19-07

Then again, they have it pretty good the rest of the time, so maybe it balances out.

Comic for 01-22-07

Sorry about the delays in comic-posting; I’ve been a little under the weather. The comics should be back on schedule by next week.

Comic for 01-24-07

Man, I just keep adding more characters, don’t I?

Comic for 01-26-07

I considered more exciting occupations but, well, that’s just not how it is most of the time.