Comic for 01-29-07

I’m sure they meant well.

Comic for 01-31-07


Comic for 02-02-07

Never underestimate cat-radar (catdar?).

Comic for 02-05-07

Sometimes it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself.

Comic for 02-07-07

Maybe not half… a good third, at least.

Comic for 02-09-07

I guess that’s pretty direct.

Comic for 02-12-07

Scientists refer to it as the Conservation of Cool.

Comic for 02-14-07

Every king needs a queen.

Comic for 02-16-07

Sorry the comic’s so late; I came down with a case of mongoose flu.

(Well, that’s what it felt like.)

Comic for 02-19-07

The nose knows.

Comic for 02-21-07

There’s all sorts of protocol being ignored here.

Comic for 02-23-07

I guess when you think about it, that’s sorta what courtin’ is.

Comic for 02-26-07

Never let your guard down.