Comic for 03-30-07

It’s always good to have truth-in-advertising when it comes to your breakfast foods.

Comic for 04-02-07

Anything can sound wrong, if you say it right.

Comic for 04-04-07

Confession is good for the soul.

Comic for 04-06-07

Really, it’s the mortar that binds the food pyramid together.

Comic for 04-09-07

This’ll be a very short one. Just sorta missed the little guy and wanted to try something new.

Comic for 04-11-07

Everyone’s gotta eat.

Comic for 04-13-07

Yeah, I decided a few more trees wouldn’t hurt.

Comic for 04-16-07

I dunno if, once this story’s done, I’ll ever use this drawing style again… but it’s pretty fun.

Comic for 04-18-07

No matter what, it’s important to keep your eyes (teeth) on the prize.

Comic for 04-20-07

See rabbit. See rabbit hop. Hop, rabbit, hop!

Comic for 04-23-07

I guess there ain’t much to those backgrounds, but they’re awful pleasant to draw.

Comic for 04-25-07

It’s been so much fun drawing our little rabbit hero in all his various poses. I’m gonna miss it when it’s over.

Comic for 04-27-07

See, it wasn’t that long…