Comic for 06-29-07

You can’t always have it all.

Comic for 07-02-07

Be the change you want to see.

Comic for 07-04-07

By any other name, she wouldn’t be the same.

Comic for 07-06-07

I hear this is how government works.

Comic for 07-09-07

At least she tries.

Comic for 07-11-07

Is comic!

Comic for 07-13-07

The title pretty much says it all.

Comic for 07-16-07

There’s something appealing about sounding like someone you’re not.

Comic for 07-18-07

If the characters look a bit different in this one, it’s because I’m trying something new.

Comic for 07-20-07

I know a picture’s worth a thousand words, but I’d rather leave some things to the imagination.

Comic for 07-23-07

Oink oink.

Apologies for the downtime today. My webhost was having issues.

Comic for 07-25-07

“Fugu”‘s just a fun word to say. Fuguuuu.

Comic for 07-27-07

Kind words and fried foods go hand-in-hand.

I guess the server explosion a couple of days ago messed up the comic archives a bit and I didn’t notice. All better now!

Much gratitude to Ian M. for bringing it to my attention.