Comic for 02-02-09

It’s the soundtrack to productive living.

Comic for 02-04-09

Eat your greens.

Comic for 02-06-09

The secret is butter.

Comic for 02-09-09

It (almost) never hurts to show your appreciation.

Comic for 02-13-09

Some insights are better than others.

Comic for 02-16-09

The rest of the week’s gonna be like this. I’m sorry?

Comic for 02-18-09

I busted out the five-dollar words for this one.

Comic for 02-20-09

… and we’re back to the fifty-cent words.

Comic for 02-23-09

There’ll be a few of these too, per tradition.

Comic for 02-25-09

Today’s comic is the product of a fevered mind.

Comic for 02-27-09

A sale’s a sale.