Comic for 03-02-09

The comic turns six years old tomorrow; if it were a person, it’d be ready for the first grade.

Comic for 03-04-09

It’s beginning to dawn on me just how many crowd scenes await me in the near future.

Comic for 03-06-09

I am just too tired to come up with a proper comic blurb. Sorry!

Comic for 03-09-09

Fictitious business names are, perhaps, not my strong suit.

Comic for 03-11-09

I could really go for one of those breakfast sandwiches.

Comic for 03-13-09

Some ideas are better than their realities, anyhow.

Comic for 03-16-09

Man, all the good names are taken.

Comic for 03-18-09

These things are sure taking longer to make, of late.

Comic for 03-20-09

People feel strongly about their heroes.

Comic for 03-23-09

It ain’t necessarily a bad thing

Comic for 03-25-09

A compliment’s a compliment.

Comic for 03-27-09

You’ve gotta do what you love.

Comic for 03-30-09

It floats, too.