Comic for 08-03-09

This one certainly brought the nostalgia.

Comic for 08-05-09

Surely they’ve crossed paths at least.

Comic for 08-07-09

She puts the “e”s in “exuberance.”

Comic for 08-10-09

Mine rarely seem to work out, anyhow.

For any Bay Area readers out there, the Cartoon Art Museum in SF is holding a webcomics exhibition up through December, of which a few of my comics are a teeny, tiny, nigh-insignificant part. So check it out! (I’ve been there, it’s very cool.).

(P.S. – They have Kate Beaton comics. Who doesn’t love Kate Beaton comics?)

Comic for 08-12-09

She, perhaps, exaggerates a little.

Comic for 08-14-09

I’d be a groupie.

Comic for 08-17-09

Gooooooo, Snails!

Comic for 08-19-09

I don’t know if anyone still uses that term, but Owen’s a little old school.

Comic for 08-21-09

This is why monarchs have such a high rate of turnover.

Comic for 08-24-09

Everyone needs a little “me” time.

Comic for 08-26-09

She’s got some excellent balancing going on there.

Comic for 08-28-09

I’m sure he’d get the job done.

Comic for 08-31-09

I’m a little more shy about such things.