Comic for 10-02-09

Some might say, “altrutastic.”

Comic for 10-05-09

See also: sketchin’ an’ kvetchin’.

Comic for 10-07-09

Little comic is up.

Comic for 10-09-09

A new member has joined the party.

Comic for 10-12-09

I’m kinda happy with how this one turned out

Comic for 10-14-09

If you’re wondering, Frank’s stepped out for a while.

Comic for 10-16-09

You know, when I think about it, “people who draw other people eating burritos” is probably a pretty small fellowship.

Comic for 10-19-09

The nose knows when it’s time to let go.

Comic for 10-21-09

Where there’s a will

Comic for 10-23-09

You can see who she takes after.

Comic for 10-26-09

I think there’ve been more cars in the last two comics than in the last two years’ worth.

Comic for 10-28-09

Who knows? Twenty years from now, this might seem prescient.

Comic for 10-30-09

The bus driver does not approve of such hijinks.