Comic for 12-02-09

News travels fast.

Comic for 12-04-09

Guys, I am so sick of drawing stocked shelves, you don’t even know.

Comic for 12-07-09

Some people do double-sized comics … I just cut the panels in half.

Comic for 12-09-09

I hope this title makes sense to someone besides me.

Comic for 12-11-09

At last, a name.

Comic for 12-14-09

… and there’s the other one.

Comic for 12-16-09

All of those things sound good to me.

Comic for 12-18-09

Maybe it’s better that way.

Comic for 12-21-09

… or perhaps a mouse pad?

Comic for 12-23-09

It’s one of the perks of the job.

Comic for 12-25-09

Forgive me if my declensions are all messed up.

After you’re done with the comic, enjoy a Christmas playlist (if you follow the Twitter feed, you already know all about it).

Comic for 12-28-09

Rabble rabble rabble.

Comic for 12-30-09

A fine resolution, as such things go. See you in the new year!