Comic for 02-01-10

The search continues.

Comic for 02-03-10

Try to keep this in mind when you get to panel three.

Comic for 02-05-10

You know what they say.

Comic for 02-08-10

Yeah, he was kind of a jerk.

Comic for 02-10-10

If what was wasn’t, what is wouldn’t, would it?

Comic for 02-12-10

It’s cathartic.

Comic for 02-15-10

A fellow can only take so much.

Comic for 02-17-10

Secrecy is the best spice.

Comic for 02-19-10

Today’s comic is unintentionally timely.

Comic for 02-22-10

He gets it.

Comic for 02-24-10

For the record, that’s one mythological being you should be careful about looking up via Google Image Search.

Comic for 02-26-10

For the confused, some illumination.