Comic for 03-01-10

Everyone’s gotta eat.

Comic for 03-03-10

The comic’s anniversary just sorta snuck up on me. Seven years! In dog years, that’s … probably a dead dog.

Comic for 03-05-10

They’re the dandies of the sea.

Comic for 03-08-10

Alternatively, just repress.

Comic for 03-10-10

It’s massively multiplayer.

Comic for 03-12-10

Philosophy makes my head hurt.

Comic for 03-15-10

Nature ain’t always pretty.

Comic for 03-17-10

It couldn’t hurt.

Comic for 03-19-10

There’s one mystery answered.

Comic for 03-22-10

A little rearranging can make all the difference.

Comic for 03-24-10

Not to be confused with this.

Comic for 03-26-10

Cranked the ol’ Disney knob up to eleven, there.

Comic for 03-29-10

Some things are harder to personify than others.

Comic for 03-31-10

That one panel took a while. For the confused, a link.