Comic for 10-01-10

It’s been a while since they’ve seen the sun.

Comic for 10-04-10

If you don’t know what that is, go click on a YouTube clip and hold down the left and up arrow keys for a couple of seconds.

Comic for 10-06-10

Fortunately, the shop has no shortage of either.

Comic for 10-08-10

Gotta follow protocol.

Comic for 10-11-10

Okay, they’re not all tests of wit and skill.

Comic for 10-13-10

They call him “The Bran Master,” because he regulates.

Comic for 10-15-10

Excellent form.

Comic for 10-18-10

They’re back.

Comic for 10-20-10

Like moths to a previously-owned flame.

Comic for 10-22-10

See hipster. Run.

Comic for 10-25-10

I wonder what the collective noun for hipsters might be.

Comic for 10-27-10

Incidentally, those three words are shorthand for pretty much every public internet discussion.

Comic for 10-29-10

√Āndale pues.