Comic for 12-01-10

It’s not the size of the trophy that counts.

Comic for 12-03-10

This may or may not add to your enjoyment of today’s comic:

Comic for 12-06-10

Suddenly, words.

Comic for 12-08-10

They really have strong opinions about music.

Comic for 12-10-10

That’s a really long title.

Comic for 12-13-10

Aw man, I have to start coming up with titles again.

Comic for 12-15-10

You can guess what I was listening to while working on the comic.

Comic for 12-17-10

Sometimes, you gotta go for the quick fix.

Comic for 12-20-10

See? He’s fine.

Comic for 12-22-10

It all starts somewhere.

Comic for 12-24-10

Didn’t inspire much in the way of epic poetry, that one.

Comic for 12-27-10

Now with 100% less sweatband!

Comic for 12-29-10

It’s in a good home.

Comic for 12-31-10

Last comic of the year! The Aughts were not so hot; perhaps the Teens will be more keen.