Comic for 02-02-11

C’est la vie.

Comic for 02-04-11

Viv is not one for overselling.

Comic for 02-07-11

Sometimes, that’s all you can say.

Comic for 02-09-11

That’d be a whole different sort of relationship comic.

Comic for 02-11-11

Beware of ol’ mans bearing gifts.

Comic for 02-14-11

Gonna try something a little different with this one.

Comic for 02-16-11

I think drawing squirrels might be my new favorite thing.

Comic for 02-18-11

He’s spent some time perfecting the nonchalant wave.

Comic for 02-21-11

Yes, that’s my best approximation of a bus sound.

Comic for 02-23-11

Unlike the bus driver, I’m running a bit behind. Sorry!

Comic for 02-25-11

Man, now I kinda want to go.

Comic for 02-28-11

We’ll get back to the other two in a bit.