Comic for 03-02-11

One benefit of the comic being late is that this one gets to go up on the strip’s birthday. Eight years!

Comic for 03-04-11

Comic comic comic.

Comic for 03-07-11

Perhaps practice makes perfect. Or at least, less unsettling.

Comic for 03-09-11

I dunno about you, but that’s my favorite time to visit such places.

Comic for 03-11-11

Some days, it’s a very weird thing to be working on comics.

Comic for 03-14-11

Sadly, wryness is rarely numbered among such skills.

Comic for 03-16-11

If you ever need a mood-brightener, just do an image search for any of the things mentioned in the third panel.

Comic for 03-18-11

I started looking for reference images, and then I realized I could just make my own.

Comic for 03-21-11

… and back we go.

Comic for 03-23-11

Took a little longer to figure out the layout for this one than usual.

Comic for 03-25-11

Always with gusto.

Comic for 03-28-11

Blue’s has been around for a while.

Comic for 03-30-11