Comic for 04-01-11

A reader called that a “ducker hat,” which I thought was pretty great (also, I really need to catch up on my email!).

Comic for 04-04-11

The training continues.

Comic for 04-06-11

It really is pretty great.

Comic for 04-08-11

I’m sure we’ve all done a fwump or two.

Comic for 04-11-11

[insert joke about English thread]

Comic for 04-13-11

Nature finds a way.

Comic for 04-15-11

It’s easy to like the cute and cuddly ones …

Comic for 04-18-11

You gotta have the basket.

Comic for 04-20-11

I may have spent a little too much time on the third panel.

Comic for 04-22-11

… and that is what they call a “call back.”

Comic for 04-25-11

‘Bout time.

Comic for 04-27-11

First things first

Comic for 04-29-11