Comic for 06-01-11

Some opportunities are hard to pass up.

Comic for 06-03-11

I think he preferred the lorikeets.

Comic for 06-06-11

Man, I don’t get to draw nearly enough sunsets.

Comic for 06-08-11

He’s a hard man to shop for.

Comic for 06-10-11

Time to go.

Comic for 06-13-11

It’s probably best to just stick to legal tender.

Comic for 06-15-11

Alternate title: Chair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Comic for 06-17-11

Want not, so wasted.

Comic for 06-20-11

They’ve had a long day.

Comic for 06-22-11

It’s always nice to be welcomed back.

Comic for 06-24-11

She’s a bit of a personal space explorer.

Comic for 06-27-11

Ignorance (with extra cheese) is bliss.

Comic for 06-29-11

Some things are best left to the imagination, while others, best left entirely.