Comic for 08-01-11

There’s no taste like scone.

Comic for 08-03-11

Words to live by.

Comic for 08-05-11

Om nom nom.

Comic for 08-08-11

Matters matter.

Comic for 08-10-11

It’s always important to keep an even ratio of chitter to chatter.

Comic for 08-12-11

He’ll give you a muffin and take away your change.

Comic for 08-15-11

There’s always room for improvement.

Comic for 08-17-11

There was nothing else on at the time.

Comic for 08-19-11

That’d be a breach of brotocol.

Comic for 08-22-11

She’s probably perfectly nice.

Comic for 08-24-11

Mine would be prone to veering off track.

Comic for 08-26-11


Comic for 08-29-11

Perhaps a combination of #1 and #2.