Comic for 01-02-12

That clutch was clutch.

Comic for 01-04-12

Back on the bike saddle again.

Comic for 01-06-12

Sometimes, what you don’t know that you don’t know can hurt you.

Comic for 01-09-12

Somewhere, that’s probably someone’s favorite bit.

Comic for 01-11-12

At the very least, one of the two is more pleasant to hang out with.

Comic for 01-13-12

Sometimes you undermine the authority, and sometimes the authority undermines you.

Comic for 01-16-12

The benefits of the store cat are many and varied.

Comic for 01-18-12

Still refreshing!

Comic for 01-20-12

Spoonful of sugar, indeed.

Comic for 01-23-12

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.

Comic for 01-25-12

Art is all about happy accidents.

Comic for 01-27-12

Timing is everything.

Comic for 01-30-12

Good company makes the meal.