Comic for 04-02-12

There is a certain percentage of truth in this one.

Comic for 04-04-12

Coats and belly buttons.

Comic for 04-06-12

For marine biologists, Jaws probably fits into all three categories.

Comic for 04-09-12

Update schedule may be weird(er) this week. Apologies!

Comic for 04-11-12

Some conversations take the scenic route.

This is the sort of topic that’s reserved for when it’s either very early or very late.

Comic for 04-16-12

I’m sure there’s a “Schrödinger’s Kate” joke in there, somewhere.

Comic for 04-18-12

You needn’t be hungry to enjoy the smell of food.

Comic for 04-20-12

Time to forage for some storage.

Comic for 04-23-12

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

Comic for 04-25-12

Who’s to judge?

Comic for 04-27-12

Admittedly, I am a sucker for such things.

Comic for 04-30-12

Some whistle past the graveyard, others resort to wordplay.