Comic for 05-02-12

Gives new meaning to “penmanship.”

Comic for 05-04-12

90% of Kate’s ideas would involve a fake mustache.

Comic for 05-07-12

Some things should really remain inviolate.

Comic for 05-09-12

Some things are difficult to anthropomorphize.

Comic for 05-11-12

Satisfaction not guaranteed.

Comic for 05-14-12

No ifs, ands, or

Comic for 05-16-12

If not sing, then at least tweet.

Comic for 05-18-12

Keep your briefcase, your suitcase, your satchel or sack – when there’s stuff to be lugged, you can’t beat a backpack.

Comic for 05-21-12

Accept no substitutes.

Comic for 05-23-12

That which does not kill us is still pretty irritating.

Comic for 05-25-12

If I ever end up with my own country, panel two will be my flag.

Comic for 05-28-12

Puttin’ the pro in “improvised.”

Comic for 05-30-12

It would be a place that you’d always mean to visit more often.