Comic for 06-01-12

Sounds pretty Grimm.

Comic for 06-04-12

It’s best not to think about.

Comic for 06-06-12

The cap remains a constant.

Comic for 06-08-12

If at first you don’t succeed

Comic for 06-11-12

Regular customers are allowed the occasional special order.

Comic for 06-13-12

At least it has personality.

Comic for 06-15-12

Everyone’s made a few regrettable decisions.

Comic for 06-18-12

Big red pen marks all over.

Comic for 06-20-12

Nothing wrong with a little frugality.

Comic for 06-22-12

Sometimes, you’ve got to eliminate all doubt.

Comic for 06-25-12

Caffeine’s cool, though.

Comic for 06-27-12

Vigils aren’t what they used to be.