Comic for 08-01-12

Me too.

Comic for 08-03-12

Harvest Rituals Gone Wild.

Comic for 08-06-12

Some scoff at the phrase “use as intended.”

Comic for 08-08-12

An old friend returns.

Comic for 08-10-12

There’s a bit of a trade imbalance there, perhaps.

Comic for 08-13-12

Asking questions is how we learn.

Comic for 08-15-12

Specificity is key.

Comic for 08-17-12

This is how engineers are born.

Comic for 08-20-12

These little boxes are made of better stuff than ticky-tacky.

Comic for 08-22-12

Not the best of first impressions.

Comic for 08-24-12

Always keep your guard up.

Comic for 08-27-12

Pretty solid advice for most encounters with strangers, really.

Comic for 08-29-12

People who visit strange houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Comic for 08-31-12

It’s good to venture out of your comfort zone every now and then.