Comic for 10-01-12

Avoid contact with skin.

Comic for 10-03-12

You’ve got to have standards.

Comic for 10-05-12

Every friendship has its share of give and take.

Comic for 10-08-12

Mesquite, my sweet.

Comic for 10-10-12

Perambulating builds an appetite.

Comic for 10-12-12

An ounce of prevention beats a sound that cures.

Comic for 10-15-12

Everyone’s an unknown to someone.

Comic for 10-17-12

Little things can be a big deal.

Comic for 10-19-12

It’s important to let folks know that they’re valued.

Comic for 10-22-12

And it always happens when you want it most.

Comic for 10-24-12

Except, maybe, crime scenes.

Comic for 10-26-12

Some things you gotta let slide.

Comic for 10-29-12

It’s more like surreptitious borrowing, really.

Comic for 10-31-12

It never hurts to have contingencies.