Comic for 11-02-12

If at first you don’t succeed, fry, fry again.

Comic for 11-05-12

It is, in fact, a hard thing to miss.

Comic for 11-07-12

I’m pretty sure helpers get automatic dibs on licking the spoon.

Comic for 11-09-12

Always trust your gut.

Comic for 11-12-12

Let her eat cake.

Comic for 11-14-12

An unlikely catnapper, to be sure.

Comic for 11-16-12

Maybe next time.

Comic for 11-19-12

She’s true to her word.

Comic for 11-21-12

That’s a pretty brief debriefing.

Comic for 11-23-12

More like “about to snap.”

Comic for 11-26-12

She’s, uh, not the biggest fan.

Comic for 11-28-12

I think I’ve got a new favorite portmanteau.

Comic for 11-30-12

Well, it’s almost a compliment.