Comic for 04-01-13

Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?

Comic for 04-03-13

In truth, the thing is harder than it sounds.

Comic for 04-05-13

The phrase “mixed blessing” comes to mind.

Comic for 04-08-13

Both have valid points, I think.

Comic for 04-10-13

Folks with really good memories might recall this being foreshadowed a ways back.

All in all, not too shabby.

Comic for 04-15-13

Why not both?

Comic for 04-17-13

Don’t you forget about me.

Comic for 04-19-13

You can’t spell “nausea” without “us.”

Comic for 04-22-13

I’m a little twitchy just thinking about it.

Comic for 04-24-13

These also work as rejected superhero ideas.

Comic for 04-26-13

I feel like those things are a dying artform.

Comic for 04-29-13

At least it’s generally inflation-proof.