Comic for 06-03-13

Apparently, not that secret.

Comic for 06-05-13

I hope someone uses this for a legitimate purpose someday.

Comic for 06-07-13

All’s well that ends well. Except, I guess, for the spider.

Comic for 06-10-13

It’s important to plan these things ahead of time.

Comic for 06-12-13

Because currency is boring.

Comic for 06-14-13

Some refusals are less graceful than others.

Comic for 06-17-13

Alternatively, just embrace the awkwardness.

Comic for 06-19-13

Really, everybody likes the cat.

Comic for 06-21-13

The heart wants what it wants.

Comic for 06-24-13

In both cases, persistence usually wins.

Comic for 06-26-13

Sometimes a tweet is just a tweet.

Comic for 06-28-13

Romance is alive/dead.