Comic for 11-29-13

In both cases, proper nutrition is key.

Comic for 11-27-13

Flash: Fiery fillings foil flavor findings.

Comic for 11-25-13

Forewarned is forearmed; aftwarned is … pretty much useless.

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Comic for 11-20-13

Surprise fish is the worst fish.

Comic for 11-18-13

That’s the way the corn shell crumbles.

Comic for 11-15-13

What is best in life?

Comic for 11-13-13

Her anxiety, unlike the dough, is quick-rising.

Comic for 11-11-13

If you can’t solve it, salve it.

Comic for 11-08-13

So, basically, a broken lighthouse.

Comic for 11-06-13

When you enjoy your work, it shows.

Comic for 11-04-13

Frank, on the other hand, takes a keen interest in currant affairs.

Comic for 11-01-13

Lily’s recollection of Twelfth Night might be a little hazy.