Comic for 12-02-13

Real friends stay in the splash zone.

Comic for 12-04-13

Thus concluded The Adventure of the Encroaching Urban Development.

Comic for 12-06-13

The excuse to wear overalls was a bonus.

Comic for 12-09-13

Curiously, it’s the only hope in every episode.

Comic for 12-11-13

As disaster movies have shown, it’s best to let sleeping magma lie.

Comic for 12-13-13

One man’s choking hazard is another’s crunchy bonus.

Comic for 12-16-13

No news is good news … or evidence of a vast conspiracy.

Comic for 12-18-13

Security through obscurity?

Comic for 12-20-13

It was A Night to Forget.

Comic for 12-23-13

That would probably just make things worse.

Comic for 12-25-13

Nothing suspicious-sounding there.

Comic for 12-27-13

Modern economics is baffling.

Comic for 12-30-13

All computerized responses should start off like that.