Comic for 01-31-14

Or even a quick dip in financial security.

Comic for 01-29-14

Sometimes you gotta take the high ground.

Comic for 01-27-14

Now he’s merely dispirited.

Comic for 01-24-14

Check. Check check.

Comic for 01-22-14

To be fair, an exploding pen would be overkill.

Comic for 01-20-14

Teasing is a key element of the recovery process.

Comic for 01-17-14

Finally, a comic vaguely relevant to the name of the website.

Comic for 01-15-14

Everyone’s a critic.

Comic for 01-13-14

It’s always good to cover your bases.

Comic for 01-10-14


Comic for 01-08-14

Sounds like two people separated by a common language.

Comic for 01-06-14

New year, new faces.

Comic for 01-03-14

Rhythm is gonna get you.

Comic for 01-01-14

Sometimes, the answer is right in front of you. Behind you. Whatever.