Comic for 02-03-14

Maybe swing by World of Jerky along the way.

Comic for 02-05-14

So it goes.

Comic for 02-07-14

An essential piece of spy gear, really.

Comic for 02-10-14

Muy picante.

Comic for 02-12-14

Sometimes you gotta step up or step aside.

Comic for 02-14-14

Peace prevails … for now.

Comic for 02-17-14

And really, who doesn’t?

Comic for 02-19-14

Haste makes waste … of your extremities.

Comic for 02-21-14

“Brought to you by Oat-ems, the oats with extra ‘Mmm!‘”

Comic for 02-24-14

Propriety is, at times, overrated.

Comic for 02-26-14

There are certainly worse things one could spread.

Comic for 02-28-14

Those things never do seem to come off easily.