Comic for 03-03-14

The comic’s 11 years old today! Time flies!

Comic for 03-05-14

Definitely acing the whole first impression thing.

Comic for 03-07-14

Really, it’s hard not to like something so upbeat.

Comic for 03-10-14

It was more of a huddle-in-bed talkie back then.

Comic for 03-12-14

The key is to have no regard for the consequences.

Comic for 03-14-14

I would definitely give both of those a shot.

Comic for 03-17-14

Crowns and exaggeration tend to go hand in hand.

Comic for 03-19-14

Generally a good thing in a potential mate.

Comic for 03-21-14

Perhaps she means book collections.

Comic for 03-24-14

Truly, the most charismatic of passerines.

Comic for 03-26-14

I suppose they both come with fillings.

Comic for 03-28-14

That title word just always looks weird to me.

Comic for 03-31-14

Not that he’s not charming