Comic for 05-02-14

Or maybe it’s the hat.

Comic for 05-05-14

Reruns aren’t always so bad.

Comic for 05-07-14

The infrequent bathing probably doesn’t help.

Comic for 05-09-14

There is a certain resemblance.

Comic for 05-12-14

Some people are just born loomers.

Comic for 05-14-14

Sharing is caring.

Comic for 05-16-14

Every plan has the odd hiccup or two.

Comic for 05-19-14

If your Byron’s a little rusty, here’s a refresher.

Comic for 05-21-14

S.C.A.B. could also stand for Surprise Carne Asada Banditry.

Comic for 05-23-14

Just when you thought you were safe from avian-themed titles.

Comic for 05-26-14

She’s sort of a secret secret agent.

Comic for 05-28-14

How could one resist?

Comic for 05-30-14

Sneak sneak.