Comic for 06-02-14

I guess the real question is, did you remember it?

Comic for 06-04-14

Wasted, I suppose, is a matter of perspective.

Comic for 06-06-14

You say “food fight,” I say “indiscriminately aggressive sharing.”

Comic for 06-09-14

Poetry week! (Consider yourself warned?)

Comic for 06-11-14

Also, maybe keep a little bit of yourself to yourself.

Comic for 06-13-14

Like any proper ballad, this one takes a few liberties.

Comic for 06-16-14

This comic brought to you by trains: “When you need to get there eventually.”

Comic for 06-18-14

Shoulda worn mittens.

Comic for 06-20-14

While looking up the proper spelling of a thing, I discovered this, which is pretty delightful.

Comic for 06-23-14

As possible adjectives go, probably not the worst.

Comic for 06-25-14

Most Daves, I’ve found, are pretty easygoing.

Comic for 06-27-14

Normal’s overrated, anyhow.

Comic for 06-30-14

Nothing wrong with the spontaneous funk check.