Comic for 01-02-15

Always accept gifts graciously.

Comic for 01-05-15

Avatars are, like, a step removed from spirit animals.

Comic for 01-07-15

Some sentiments require the personal touch.

Comic for 01-09-15

“Leporiphobia” is, apparently, the word he’s looking for.

Comic for 01-12-15

Brotherly love comes in all forms.

Comic for 01-14-15

Or at least, a little angry prodding.

Comic for 01-16-15

I had to teach myself how to spell that word correctly.

Comic for 01-19-15

Sometimes you need to add a little yang to your yin.

Comic for 01-21-15

Not many products have a warning label that doubles as marketing.

Comic for 01-23-15

To be fair, those are some pretty tasty selections.

Comic for 01-26-15

Sometimes it’s not about what you’ve got but how you use it.

Comic for 01-28-15

Try saying that five times fast.

Comic for 01-30-15

On the bright side, he’s done wonders for the local unemployment rate.